Interview: Krystal Garner Talks About Being Competitive On The Grand Hustle, Life Before The Show & Healthy Tips For Women On The Go

Krystal Garner is a women of many things. She’s a female basketball player, entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, competitive and you can find her on T.I.’s newest show on BET, The Grand Hustle. Krystal has been building her name and brand for a few years but it’s just recently that appearing on The Grand Hustle, gave her the extra recognization that she needed.

We got a chance to chop it up with Krystal Garner to tap into her life. Check out the interview.

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You grew up in Staten Island, New York. Did you ever think you’ll leave your town to pursue your dreams?

When you are brought up in an environment that lacks resources, the best thing you can do is leave, just never forget. I believe that when I made the decision to go to high school in Manhattan, I subconsciously made the decision to not be a product of my environment and one day become a success story. The hardships are etched in my brain and are motivation for me to be more and to set goals on how to help others from there do the same. Being from the hood built me and I would be who I am today without that experience.

You’re a cast member on The Grand Hustle, what has your experience been like working on the show?

I’ve never experienced anything like this. I’ve always been competitive and played sports, but being in a space filled with other go-getters competing, that’s dope. Also, living in a mansion brought things into perspective. I used to walk all around the house and say to myself “you deserve this, you can

live here, you can own a few of these soon.” Growing up sharing rooms and beds with multiple people to staying in a mansion that could hold my whole family and everyone have their own room, breathtaking.

How did you end up with a role on The Grand Hustle?

Simple. Being myself. When I got to the Skype interview portion, I gave all of me, my story and my professional experiences. If ever someone wanted to create a reality show for Krystal Garner to be on specifically, The Grand Hustle is it. This show gave me the opportunity to combine my diverse resume, entertainer lifestyle, street hustle and competitive spirit!

Tell us about life before the show? What was you working on prior to joining the show?

Prior to the show I got to a point in my entertainment career that I had to tell myself, it’s ok to get a job. Being full time for 8 years, there’s a lot of ups and downs. I just wasn’t booking. I signed on as a marketing specialist for a top liquor supplier. Luckily, I made my own schedule so I was able to still pursue my dreams. I told God, if anything comes my way I’d quit my job. Even though I was financially comfortable and excelling, when the casting came, I got denied my leave of absence and prayed as I had to quit.

What’s one thing you’ve learned while building your own brand?

I’ve learned that your brand is everyday. Every moment, every minute, your brand is either growing or failing. Time is valuable and how you chose to use it is important. From social media, to sending emails, to going to brunch and randomly networking. You are your brand and a reflection of it every second. No matter what you go through you have to grow through it and adapt quickly to ensure your success.

What is one thing you wish you would have learned before taking the entrepreneur route?

Don’t take it personal. When you start a new venture, you’re so excited. You believe you have the best idea, best product, that you are what everyone needs. Then you present it to someone and they say “No” and you get this self-doubt moment. We have to realize that our entrepreneur blessing isn’t for everyone. At first it would bother me, I’m human. I’ve wasted to much time on the “why not, what if” mindset. Now when it’s a “no” I look at it like “not yet” or “your loss” and move on.

You’re a woman on the go, I see. What are some healthy tips for women that are also on the go like yourself?

Green Juice! I live by juicing every morning. Some times my day gets away from me and my eating habits aren’t the best but every morning I start with green juice. I also do something fitness related each day. Sometimes it’s a 10 minute routine in my place or it’s a 2 hour workout at the gym. Just be active.

You’ve worked with large brands such as Adidas. How did that opportunity come about?

Branding is important! Being active on my social media with my lifestyle peaked interest. My goal is to be the 1st of 2 people in my anyone in my network’s brain when someone asks “do you know someone who – acts, models, hosts, plays basketball, motivational speaking?” That’s exactly what happened, a friend of mine saw I was still hooping and hit me up to refer me.

Do you see yourself working with other brands in the future?

Of course. You make 100% of the shots you don’t take and I’m over here shooting shots. I’ve worked with a lot of brands, aided in launching a few. As my personal brand grows, I see a lot of partnerships coming about.

How do you manage your time efficiently?

Pressure makes diamonds! Basic time management skills have gotten me a long way. I actively use my schedule, write todo lists as well as prioritize with high, medium and low. I like to grab a paper & pen, super old fashioned but it feels good to cross something out. Also, I’m an entrepreneur our schedule is 25/8 and we like to maximize our time.


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