You Should Totally Listen to This: Artemis Funk

This week I followed Artemis Funk and their new single “Easy” released June 1st, 2020. This Arlington based band was a TON of funky-fun. Easy to sing, easy to listen, easy to follow.

The song is about time and how despite our physical aging over years and decades, time slips through our fingers in a blink. You’ve got so seize the day and take on the world, and make every moment of live worth living. Juxtaposed with this chill funky beat, I imagine “take on the whole fucking world” is as easy (pun intended) as having a good time with your buds or cooking a meal with family.

Artemis Funk is currently working on a music video project for a song “Hold it Down” off debut album F5, released in 2019. Artemis has been working with Dream Waves Productions to curate a very 70’s inspired experience.”Hold it Down” shows off a flashier, jazzier side of Artemis Funk. The riffs are stronger and the musicians are giving us some sweet musical tension. Instrumentation ebbs and flows from riff to riff until the climax of the song. Patrick’s vocals definitely hold this SONG down.  He holds out some really strong sustained notes, and to be honest, I have no idea how he does it. What a talent! As their first single on their first album, I am stoked to see where the band goes.

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Here’s some fun photos from a the “Hold it Down” music video shoot, with Dream Waves Productions

Photocredit to trangvuphotography

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