Aaron Carter Drops New Album, ‘LøVë,’ after a Decade Since His Last Release

For the pop kids that grew up in the 90s like myself, some might say, before there was Justin Bieber, there was Aaron Carter. And even though I was more of a fan of his older brother Nick Carter (of Backstreet Boys), I’m still pretty hyped about this. Aaron Carter just dropped a brand spankin’ NEW album called, LøVë, today, an album inspired by old flames (‘Riverdale’ actress Madelaine Petsch and Madison Parker). He hasn’t dropped new music in 15 years. He heavily struggled with health issues and drug abuse. And after his pops passed away in May 2017, it didn’t sit easy with him. I can’t even imagine the trauma that he went through and had to deal with in the public eye that lead him down a rocky road with an unsteady future. Now at 30, it is awesome to see that he has positively turned his life around after checking himself into rehab. He is focused on continuing to better himself and releasing meaningful music to his fans.

Carter Co-produced and wrote on LøVë. He gets personal with tracks like “Champion,” which is about his Dad who was a professional boat racer and never lost a race. He also recalls playing “Seattle Tidez” for Petsch and she knew it was about her after reminiscing running into to her in Seattle after they broke up. The two remain friends and he wishes her well. As he makes way to rebuild his image, it’s easy to picture his new music making noise on airwaves around the world with its catchy production and honest lyrics.

How do you like the new Aaron Carter? Which track is your favorite?

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