Malibu Surf’s Ally Barron Delivers R&B-Infused Pop Single, “What’s Her Number”

The former hit YouTube series’ cast member Ally Barron has officially broken her 2-year music hiatus with “What’s Her Number”. The singer just recently announced that the single will precede her debut EP, “Sincerely, AB”.


The sophisticated pop tune exemplifies the singer’s matured state in her career, both lyrically and production-wise. It’s quite easy to tell through her lyrics alone how differently Barron carries herself now than in “Just Friends“, for example. With one semester left at USC, Barron is looking to shift into her full-time role as an artist with the upcoming release of “Sincerely, AB”, her debut EP.


In an interview with THE BUZZ on YouTube, the 21-year-old artist discusses her romantic affliction that ultimately inspired “What’s Her Number”. Upon seeing an ex-boyfriend in photos with other girls, Barron decided to write about warning those who might fall prey to toxic relationships. Thus, “Her” in “What’s Her Number” refers to the girl who will likely undergo the same struggles as Ms. Barron if not warned.


The single reflects Barron’s advocacy for girls to set their egos aside in order to look out for one another, a message that definitely aligns with the morale of Women’s History Month.


Driven by melodious vocal chops, a soulful electric guitar, and of course Barron’s mesmerizing topline, “What’s Her Number” will appeal to R&B/Pop fans everywhere. Make sure to follow Ms. Barron on Instagram and watch the music video below. 


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