Big Sean “Living Single” feat. Chance The Rapper and Jeremih

“Living Single” is a new single by Big Sean featuring Jeremih and Chance the Rapper. The song talks about the typical life of a single man trying to juggle women and find the quality in women vs. the quantity of women.

The song starts off with a slow and steady beat, that gets your head nodding just as Sean starts his intro. He relates to his audience with the message of how it is to be single, the good and the bad. He doesn’t focus on the lavish life of a rapper, but just the life of a single man in general.

Chance’s raspy voice is a great fit, especially with Jeremih’s silky smooth chorus. The touch each artist puts into the lyrical portion adds quality to the message.

After listening to this song, I feel like the life of a single man is great and all, but we can always ask for a little something more from ourselves. So go ahead and take a listen and reflect about the message yourself.

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