Black Girl Music: Give these Women their Flowers!

Black female artists are using their creativity to cultivate the essence of Black Girl Magic, and recently we’ve seen an abundance of it. 


COVID-19 has brought a new form of living; less interaction, more social awareness, but a new way to appreciate the world around us.


 Black women have come together in music to show the world that their community is stronger than ever. 


Recently we’ve seen artists from all different genres and platforms come together to create music with a message; that no one can bring the black woman down. 


These are just a few Black Girl Albums that have been recently released during quarantine, that the music should rediscover. It unveils challenges of independence, love, and self-love.

Tiana Major9

At Sixes And Sevens

Tiana Major 9 released her latest album, At Sixes and Sevens, in early August. She dedicated an album to her experience dealing with love and relationships in a generation filled with “hookup culture” while examining the dynamic of being independent in romantic relationships.  

Kaash Paige

Teenage Fever

Kaash Paige released her latest Album,Teenage Fever, an album that left her diary on the track. She has a natural vibe that everyone could get behind. This London native doesn’t have to do much with a swift beat, and bomb features. She has features including Don Toliver, K Camp, Isaiah Rashad just to name a few. 

Lianne LaHavas

Lianne LaHavas

Lianne La Havas took an album and created a safe space for women to dive into their feelings without judgment and full acceptance. It was the perfect release given the world around us, and feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders she took that pressure off and put it into an album. Songs like Paper Thin and Green Papaya gave us the much-needed avenue to branch into tranquility while the world’s ‘on fire’ around us.

On top of that black women have exceeded the world’s expectations. Monica and Brandy surpassed numerous records in a recent Verzuz battle. These icons came together to share the same stage after a decade-long feud. 


They exceeded expectations by surpassing 1.1 active viewers on an Instagram live, raised over 250k for Michelle’s Obama When We All Vote, and surpassed a record of live tweets in the United States during a live performance, which was previously held by 2020 VMA’S. 

When black women come together, the world reacts. And it was a night where people from all walks of life could come together to celebrate the power behind their voices. Famous singles like So Gone, Have You Ever, Angel of Mine, and much more. They closed out the night with their debut, The Boy is Mine, which left everyone with an abundance of joy turning off their screens knowing that these women celebrated each other and all the music they’ve given to the world. 

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Also in recent news, there have been several Black Girl Singles that have charted the music community.   



In anticipation of her upcoming album NAO teamed up with Lianne La Havas to release their latest single, Woman. A black girl anthem recognizing the power and essence of a beautiful woman, young and old it’s an anthem for all girls alike.



We also got a surprise single from Syd featuring Kehlani and Disclosure, Birthday.  A collab the world never knew they wanted, but realized it’s what they needed.



In the latest collaboration, Chloe & Halle’s remixed “Do It” with artist’s Doja Cat, Mulatto, and City Girls. Most were skeptical about how all of their very unique voices and acts were going to mesh together, but it’s ‘chef’s kiss’.

Black women have been coming together now more than ever in the face of change, adversity, and empowerment. With the world falling to shambles, they have used their art to pick up the pieces, using their creativity and talent they have exasperated the definition of Black Girl Magic

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