Black Women Tragedies isn’t a joke.

The glorification behind black women’s tragedies has been highlighted in recent events. Megan the Stallion was recently at the center of a scandal as the alleged shooter, artist Tory Lanez, shot her multiple times in the foot. 


Instead of the community rallying behind her with support and love, there were some who made a mockery of her pain. Unfortunately, we’ve seen countless times where Black women’s tragedy has a comedic response. 

Black women have been the backbone of the music industry. Using their own experiences to fuel pop, R&B, rap, country, and more. 


Without original artists like Anita Baker, India Aarie, Mary J. Blidge, Jill Scott using their music to paint the picture of their own personal struggles as black women, the industry would look a lot different. They mirrored their own experiences their fans across the globe could resonate with. 

After all the negative backlash, Megan released a statement:

What’s disheartening about this entire situation is the real-life trauma Megan experienced is being taken as a joke. It’s a trauma that will stay with her for the rest of her life. It continues to be devalued at the hands of her peers and the music industry.


As an industry, now more than ever,  it’s everyone’s place to speak up about uplifting the black women artist. Because without the influences of black women, the industry you know now wouldn’t exist.

Traklife Media Group