EP Review: Soul Healer Ead3n “The Fall”

After the release of her latest EP, Elevate 9.0, the soul healer Ead3n just released her nine track EP The Fall. Ead3n, who describes music as “having a force of power to heal or destroy”, chose to create music based on personal experiences. She hopes it touches someone in a positive way. You can see that on tracks from her Elevate 9.0 project, where she musically expresses just how much of a soulful, spiritual person she is.

Unlike many other artists, Ead3n doesn’t do it for the fame, money, or bragging rights.  With her new EP The Fall, her message is clear.

“The concept of The Fall is just about transparency,” she said. “It’s more like the fall of woman/man in the Garden of Eden, but just in life.”

The Fall features nine soulful songs produced by AK of the Crew, who’s worked with artists like Kid Ink, Gunplay (MMG), Glasses Malone, Rayven Justice, Matt Martino, Elhae and more. It also includes her most recent singles “Promise” and “Elevate”. Ead3n is an artist to watch for in 2017, because her music will heal your soul. Don’t believe me? Check out The Fall below and let me know what ya’ll think.

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