Exclusive: Lily Massie Shares New Single 24/7

15-year-old female emcee Lily Massie is from Allendale, NJ; and she just released her newest single 24/7 featuring Matt Rapta produced by Jimmy Greco. Fresh off her success in 2016, Lily will be going on the road for her Luv The Plug Tour. I got the chance to ask Lily why teenagers should listen to her music and here what she has to say.

“I think they should listen to it because I rap about things that are very relatable for my age group. Like struggling with loving yourself, boys that don’t treat you right, just like the life of a teenager, since I am one,” she said. “I know exactly what they deal with and they know what I deal with.”

When it comes to her sound, Lily finds a way to mix genres, while staying true to herself.

“It’s a mix of like pop, rap and a little R&B: Post Malone, Nicki Minaj, Lauryn Hill, Kehlani and Ariana Grande are big inspirations for my music.” she said. “Even though Ariana sings, I still find inspiration from her songs and figure out a way to mix her style with mine.”

Lily put out her first seven track EP The Night Time in summer 2016, shortly after releasing her holiday song Christmas Night in December. The Night Time EP has features from Nick Cincotta, Ben Mader and Matt Rapta.

Check out Lily’s new single 24/7 and drop a comment below.




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