From Boston to LA: Who is Caye?

Make room for this hip-hop emerging artist, Boston native, Caye (pronounced ‘Kai’). The now-LA-resident is a multi-instrumentalist, rapper, singer, and songwriter. His sound is very reminiscent of Chance the Rapper and a hint of Mac Miller. I can even sense a hint of reggae with the Bob Marley influence when he sings, which he claims to have a very large reggae influence from his parents as mentioned in his interview on He started playing classical music at the tender age of 2 and since then has expanded his skills adding the steel drums and his vocals (rapping and singing). His jazzy sound is highly addictive and I definitely can’t stop listening to his music on repeat. What really gets me is when he starts singing. *Swoons* He kills it with the “smooth verses and seductive production.”

Keep up with him because I’m very sure he’ll be in the spotlight tenfold in the upcoming year with all the waves he’s making.

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Soundcloud: Caye-20
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