Georgia Teachers Rave about the Upcoming School Year Through Rap

Two high school teachers from Albany, Georgia are using music to get their students excited about the upcoming school year.


Teachers and cheerleading coaches from Monroe Comprehensive High School, Callie Evans and Audri Williams, went viral when they posted rap videos about distance learning.


Needless to say, the transition from the classroom to online learning was nothing but easy. Students and teachers had to change their daily lives, and find a unique way to keep their students engaged while learning at home.


And as cases grow across the country, the pandemic isn’t letting up anytime soon. But Evans and Williams are using their poetic and rhythmic skills to uplift their students. They both released a minute video rapping about overcoming the challenges of the rona-influenced school year.

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Somebody get me off daaaa flooooo ??

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Connecting to their students, they both decided to use Tik Tok, especially because it’s been the center of the upcoming generation. An app that everyone’s been using during the pandemic, they hopped on the trend of reenacting Jack Harlow’sWHATS POPPIN“, with their own lyrics. 


But they put an interesting twist to it. Lyrics like: 

“Class is in session, we just progressin, success is the topic, and pass is the message” and “COVID-19 had us stressed but it’s nothin, we gunna overcome no bluffin, wear your mask, wash your hands, keep a safe distance because I really thought a pandemic said somethin’.”

It’s a unique and fun way they’ve engaged their students to get proactive about getting back to school. But it shows that their teachers can have as much fun with these apps just like their students. 


Williams said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, “But honestly, the only outcome that we wanted to get out of this was to really get the kids excited about going back to school virtually,” she shared. “With everything going on with COVID-19, a lot of things being misplaced, families being lost, we just wanted to bring back some excitement into everyone’s lives. Even the teachers’ lives, because we were worried about how the school year would be too.”

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