Listen!!! Aly & AJ are back with another synth-pop anthem of your dreams

Weeks after releasing the explicit re-record of their 2007 hit “Potential Breakup Song,” pop duo Aly & AJ are ringing in 2021 with the synth-pop anthem “Listen!!!” ahead of their upcoming studio album – the first in nearly a decade and a half. 


The second single for the still-unnamed record appears to pull inspiration from a number of styles, vintage pop being the most prevalent. Unmistakably are the productional nods to the duo’s Disney Channel days, which manifest in just-angsty-enough electric guitar riffs with a drumbeat undeniably reminiscent of the early 2000s.


The track is both a classic and not-so-classic breakup song, discussing the escape of those relationships that feel debilitatingly one-sided, but doing it with a matter-of-fact, “I deserve better” mindset. The final line in the chorus sums it all up: “I might be lost, but I know my way out.”


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The pair has been teasing a beach and desert-toned vintage aesthetic for several months, first culminating in the forthcoming album’s lead single “Slow Dancing.” With soft percussion and a vintage country vibe, this song feels more like a Patsy Cline ballad than what we’ve learned to expect from Aly & AJ.  Though “Slow Dancing” initially feels like a far cry from the sonic thrills of “Listen!!!,” both singles cohere with a certain dreamy, driving-with-the-windows-down-at-sunset vibe that makes the incoming era from the Michalka sisters all the more exciting.


In the four years since Aly & AJ returned to music after a decade-long hiatus, the sisters have proven themselves to be experiencing a period of creative growth that won’t be stopping anytime soon. “Listen!!!” may be a clear nod to the duo’s bops of decades past, but make no mistake: Aly & AJ are moving forward into what could be their most exciting era yet.


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