Maude Latour’s “Furniture” – Single Review

Earlier this year, indie-pop artist Maude Latour released “Furniture,” a catchy, detailed account of a relationship gone sour. 


She kicks the song off with, “I’m probably gonna get hurt this weekend // ‘Cause you and I ended,” a confessional lyrical style that continues throughout the whole song. The song details a relationship that just ended, with Latour still feeling unsure about how to move on. 


The lyrics are what makes this song truly special. Latour expresses her feelings in simple ways that we can all relate to, while still making her own personal struggle the focus of the song. “And damn, I really hate your guts // I hate all your friends // And I miss you so much,” she sings, perfectly expressing that feeling of missing the person who broke your heart.


The production contrasts the anxiety of the lyrics, mixing video game sounds and grungy guitars to create a unique track.


“Furniture” is a very personal song to Latour: “It’s my favourite song in the world, and I used it to get through my break up,” she said about the song. “It was my little secret, I’d play it from the private Soundcloud link when I needed it. That’s what’s music for, for me. Truly to exist, to get through the day.” Using her own music as an escape Latour explains that “[this song] was my immunity to getting hurt, it was my hurt, my return to rockstar-dom confidence despite my crushing heart pain.”


Last year, Latour released her debut EP Starsick while studying at Columbia University. The EP quickly gained popularity and fans among the indie-pop scene, and her next release is highly anticipated. There’s no word yet if “Furniture” is part of a bigger project, but we’ve got our fingers crossed!


Check out “Furniture” here!

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