Miscé Mix 037 Featuring Trackstar

This installment of the Miscé Mixtape was constructed by DJ and producer Trackstar. This Atlanta based creative has been DJing for 3 years and has been making edits since just this summer.


When asked how he put this mix together he replied, “My goal was to show all the listeners the different sounds I like to use in my mixes. To me, the first track should set the tone for the mix, and I build from there.”

Trackstar is not only talented musically, he is also working on getting his degree as a graphic designer. All the artwork for his tracks on his social media are all done by him – colorful, bold, in a distinct style that is all his. Trackstar aspires to design clothes in the future, starting with merch.


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Check out Miscé Mix 037 ft. Trackstar on SoundCloud now, and be sure to follow him on Instagram to peep his original cover art creations, as well as his SoundCloud page to listen to all of his dope edits!

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