Miscé Mix 039 Featuring GNIICE

Based out of Austin TX, GL “Gniice” Rivera is the talented DJ behind Miscé Mix 039.

Though he has only been DJing seriously for the past 5 years, Gniice always had a creative ear for music. Naturally, he has always been a selector, listening to music and cueing what the next song should be in his mind. He had always made mixes for people, and it was when a college friend recovered an old CD of his from ‘08 that sparked him to take DJing seriously.

Aside from DJing, GL also makes edits. “I like putting a different feel to popular songs and seeing other people’s reactions when that “ah ha” moment hits.”

I asked Gniice what his process was in creating Miscé Mix 039 to which he replied,


“Great question! I wanted to punch you in the face to get your attention out the gate.  It was very important to implement tracks that either you haven’t discovered or you wouldn’t expect to be played like Eddie Murphy – “Party All The Time”. I started off with 70 tracks and got down to about 30. I’m big on energy and feeling so if the song didn’t move me, it didn’t make the cut!”


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Gniice has a wide range of musical knowledge, attributing that to growing up a military brat. Moving around so much introduced him to an array of musical influences, and going to college in the South, and having friends from all over the US also contributed to his knowledge of music.

A couple of fun facts about GL – He went to high school in Japan, and plays the saxophone! “The Wreckx-N-Effect – “Rump Shaker” video is what made me pick up the sax. When I watch the video now I see she was fake playing!”

Enjoy this feel-good Miscé Mix, and be sure to follow Gniice on Twitch, Instagram, and Soundcloud so you don’t miss any new mixes or edits!

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