New Video: Kyle- “iSpy” feat. Lil Yatchy

Kyle and Lil Yatchy join forces for this upbeat song about their own self-worth and finding the right woman, amidst a sea of girls. The animated music video, starts out with Kyle and Yatchy having a conversation about the stresses of life, while sitting on a beach. The fact that the video is a cartoon puts you into a worry-free zone, where all you have to do is enjoy the fun.

As the song gets into the first verse, Kyle goes into the ocean and quickly spies himself a mermaid who is the “curly headed cutie” he’s been looking for. Yatchy comes back on screen for his verse after the chorus, where he is pictured sailing his ‘Lil Boat,’ which happens to be his nickname.

This fun and upbeat song is followed by a creative, comical video. Yatchy is a Grammy nominated artist for one of his recent features (Broccoli, 2017). With Yatchy gaining momentum in his music career, the sky’s the limit for “iSpy.”

Give it a view, enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment.

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