“Roaring 20s” – Single Review

Alabama native and rapper Flo Milli has taken the hip hop world by storm with her clever lyrics and catchy beats. Riding the high of her recently released and critically acclaimed debut album, Ho, why is you here? Flo Milli dropped a single that had her viewers both surprised and appreciative. 


Before listening to “Roaring 20s” I expected a Gatsby-style anthem celebrating the new decade, so you can imagine the shock (and delight) on my face when I heard Topol’s voice singing the Fiddler on the Roof classic, “If I Were a Rich Man” followed by Flo Milli’s signature catchphrase “Flo Milli sh*t.” 


Throughout the song, she raps about money and female empowerment with lyrics, “Hit up the country club with my bros // Stupid sh*t, it’s just a double standard // I made my own lane and I took advantage // You can’t hate on the pu**y if it rule the planet // I just came in the game and I’m doin’ damage.” 

Flo Milli is often praised for her confident and smart-alecky lyricism, and this single is no different. Flexing her “rich b*tch tendencies” and self-empowerment, she manages to let her listeners know exactly who she is. So what if she wants to slap a rap song over a musical theater sample? She’s Flo Milli, and she can do what she wants. 


Combining two polar opposite musical genres is a feat achieved by only a few, but Flo Milli manages to merge them flawlessly. As an avid musical theater fan and a regular listener of female rappers, this combination could not have been more up my ally. “Roaring 20s” is not necessarily Flo Milli’s greatest song, but it certainly catchy and maintains a great beat. It’s the kind of song you can effortlessly jam along to in the car, and it’s confident and empowering lyrics can make anyone feel on top of the world. 


Listen to “Roaring 20s” here!

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