Underrated Artists We All Should Know!

If we look at the longevity of mainstream music, it’s solely based on the appeal of the immediate market. So that means; what’s catchy, reaches all audiences, and will create revenue. But an artist shouldn’t be depicted on the appeal of others, but their artistry alone. 


There are plenty of underrated artists within this industry that never get their day in the spotlight. But should that be the basis of their success, becoming mainstream? 


An industry built off the power of vocalists, lyricists, composers have slowly but surely strayed away from its roots. The industry has let some of the best artists of our time fade into the background. 


These are just a few artists that you should put not only on your radar but on your next playlist.

Tori Kelly is a veteran in this industry. A 10+ year career, she started with a few guitar strums, becoming one of the best vocalists of our time. She is a master on the guitar, but her voice is her true instrument. Kelly’s voice carries stadiums with her voice, as gentle but powerful as ever. She’s coming out with her latest EP, Solitude, on August 14th! 


Victoria Monet psyche isn’t for the average listener. She dives fully into the depth of sex, love, happiness and she uses uptempo beats to do it. Nevertheless, she is wicked with her pen as she’s written for some of the top artists of music, including Ariana Grande. 


Leven Kali music is always a vibe. His production alone always has a futuristic texture, but his soul-filled lyrics always bring it back down to earth. He released his latest album, HIGHTIDE, and no one seems to be talking about it. Having featured on numerous show soundtracks, his music speaks volumes to the future of the industry.


Avery Wilson came on the scene as a contestant off the hit show The Voice but after that ended, he made his mark. His voice travels and the range of his runs is unforgivable. But most importantly, he’s the future of R&B soul. He’s been featured on numerous projects including Kyle’s last album, but his projects are where you see his talent. Simple in production, because his voice is at the center.

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