Wale-“Running Back” feat. Lil Wayne

Wale and Lil Wayne do not disappoint as they come out of the gate in “Running Back.” The song starts out with a slow bass line and Wale’s chorus, which gives the song a fluid sound.

The video uses simple, yet strong features which includes a contrast of vibrant colors and shadows. These features are present as Wale and Wayne dance and enjoy the presence of the women in the video. These women represent half of the song’s subject, and the other half about money, which is portrayed through the product placement for the vodka and cigars they’re enjoying.

The video is simple and doesn’t go overboard. You see two artists, doing what they love and not overthinking their approach to it. The song itself is just an overall great listen, especially if you’re even remotely a fan of Lil Wayne. Take a look, listen and enjoy.

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