Zella Day’s “Only A Dream” – Single Review

Last month, Zella Day released “Only A Dream,” the latest in a string of 2020 singles. The song will feature on her upcoming EP, out August 28, titled Where Does The Devil Hide. The project was produced by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach. 


The song is a breezy, 70s throwback that describes a love affair that’s over now, but one that Day still thinks about. “I don’t care if it was only a dream // it was all too real to let go // I don’t care if it was only a dream // because it’s better than being alone.” 


The production matches the dreamy lyrics, with woozy guitar licks and a mellotron, played by Auerbach. The piano part feels like a forgotten Carole King melody, but Day doesn’t get bogged down in nostalgia. She takes the best parts of 70s soft-rock and integrates them with her own indie-pop sensibilities. The accompanying video fits into the SoCal 70s vibe Day is playing with, showing her riding down the highway, playing at the beach and wandering down sidewalks with her lover.


“There are times we must bury our broken hearts in the garden so that spring can do the work we cannot do ourselves,” said Day in a statement about the song. “Living in the memory of what was eventually becomes a memory in itself. The years grow like flowers and the faint scent of love hangs low so that we may remember all of those we wish not to forget.”


Check out “Only A Dream” here!

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