The Breakout release from sword-wielding, word-smithing, father-son, duo, Lone Wolf & Kub.

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An aging and embattled ronin searching for his final fight discovers a sense of direction through travels with his son, a vicious micsmith just approaching top form. He is Shao Sosa, his son is Nobi. Together, they are Lone Wolf & Kub.
Old tradition and wisdom guides the young blade over production from the likes of Lavish Beatz, The Soultanz, C. Ray, On One, Nemz, John Lemos, and theDGTL. As the duo cut through stanzas fit for battle and reflection alike, the soundscape shifts from the tone of dubbed kung fu flicks and dusty samples to space age coliseums where furious synthesizers have replaced Roman horns.
Executive produced by DJ Phinisey, LWK calls on Pacific Northwest standouts; Karma Knows, Ang P, John Crown, and Arjay to assist in providing a sonically dense, 11 track canvas that swings from the sword sharpening wordplay of “Street Fighter”, to the lighthearted ode to video games on “Pixels”, to the backdrop of malcontent dystopia narrated through “Serve and Protect” and “Missed Education”.
There are undertones of hope and redemption as a master who has spent his life in rebellion passes on the lessons and trials that come with the never-ending quest to preserve honor in a world consumed by material and vanity. Witness the passion of the microphone controller change guard, from the darkest night into the dawn of a different tomorrow.

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