INSTANT VINTAGE RADIO 059 | AMPHAM MIX | A Special Additions + Broadcast.

INSTANT VINTAGE RADIO 059 | On this chapter of IVR is my friend, HBIC of An Choi Bep, Cuffin’ SF & Cold Cutz Music Club resident, Anne-Mary Pham, aka AMPHAM / AMP / @anne-mary-pham!

AMPHAM has spun for close to three years, and loves getting down with the all-vinyl Cold Cutz Music Club every Sunday night at The Knockout. She’s a fan girl of Salty Sherilyn / @plzpassthepie, a resident DJ of Cheat Day Oakland. Cuffin SF at Pop’s bar is definitely her baby and she loves spinning there every month with co-residents @jonreyessound & @djboogiebrown. Cuffin truly is the highlight of hers every month and she’s always looking forward to it.

I asked her: What’s the coolest thing to happen to you since starting An Choi, and what does AC mean to you? She said, “Because of it I’ve met so many dope people in the industry. I’m originally from LA and it’s a dog eat dog world out there. Without a doubt San Francisco is a really special place and really unlike any other. People here uplift each other and support each other. It doesn’t matter if we are doing the same thing, we are not competition. Also bc of ACB I’ve become good homies with Bay Legend Mac Mall. He’s a foodie and he’s down to support me in any which way… did you know he has/d a show called Bon Mac e Tit?”

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