Silly Syl Radio Ep. 105 – Summer Guitar Licks

Welcome to a relaxing episode of Silly Syl Radio. This week, I found a bunch of funk/nu-disco influenced tracks with some groovy electric guitar licks. I start off the show dark and mellow, gradually picking up the pace and brightening the mood. I was so jazzed about discovering artists with small followings and REAL BIG TALENT, so make sure to peep the profiles of artists like N8, Sam Dian, mona on the radio, and Huski Bear so you can say you heard ’em first!

1. Don’t You (Joe Kay’s Slowed Edit) – Sage the Gemini
2. dont know why though – nilas
3. jus wanna love u babe – sans
4. pager – jåmvvis
5. sonn w/hanz feat. [k s r] (floro Remix) – savior
6. I Ain’t Shit – Kelechi
7. No Longer Lovers – Billy Davis
8. Movie Star – Sam Dian
9. Faded – N8
10. OXYGEN – Huski Bear
11. Teyana Taylor – Issues/Hold On (Alexander Lewis x Daju Remix)
12. On One (feat. Pe$o Pete) – Oddwin
13. canyon – summet
14. Rewind – Chyld
15. Drake / Billie Eilish – Hotline Bling (Flyboy Remix)
16. Hi, I’m Mona – mona on the radio
17. fugue, junerule – identity (feat. John Thacker)
18. Do It Right – Nakala
19. Time Moves Slowly – Late June
20. shoreline – aimless
21. lost you – quickly, quickly

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