Who is Rey.Es_King?


If you’re like me, then you’re always open to listening to new music. The biggest surprise came for me was when I was introduced to these new songs by my very own friend from high school! The best part of discovering this new music is learning that it’s from someone who’s been hiding their talent, which leads me to this write-up!


Reppin’ the OC (Orange County for non-Californians) in So Cal is Rey.Es_King. Although, he may be unfamiliar to you now, you’ll definitely remember his name after you take a listen to some of these hidden gems. His Soundcloud currently consists of 5 songs, which all have a catchy beat, quality production, and an easy-listening flow with a captivating story. What has me into the songs are his honest reflection of the times and situations he’s gone through, whether it is about his mom, women, or ambition. One of my favorites is, “Needed Me REMIX.”¬†Stay posted on more news about this guy. I’m sure he’ll be hitting your speakers more often real soon!

Take a listen to his songs and leave a comment below on what you think!

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