Beat Junkies Institute of Sound Graduation

Michael Cruz

The Beat Junkies Institute of Sound (BJIOS) opened it’s doors in 2017 but it’s world famous founders have been rocking crowds for decades. As if being taught face to face by legendary DJs wasn’t enough, the BJIOS offers a supportive community of DJs learning and sharing knowledge with each other. Gathered at The Brewyard Beer Company in Glendale, CA, the graduating Foundation Class is a prime example of different tastes, styles, and backgrounds growing together. 

From the Beat Junkies – “We strongly believe that a finish line for our craft is non-existent, and a DJ’s training should never stop to ensure continual progression. We encourage students to practice everyday and be part of a community where DJs of all levels share their knowledge and skill with one another. Whether you are new to DJing or a seasoned vet, the Beat Junkie Institute of Sound has a curriculum and facility suited for everyone interested in learning the craft and it’s history.”