Tune X Third Keeps it Authentic on New Project “Talk That Talk”

Autumn Simon

Los Angeles-based rap duo, Tune X Third, is set to roll out their new single just in time for the summer. 

Domo Tune and Trey Rich (The Third)’s new project “Talk that Talk” is a one-minute track full of melodic back and forth banter between two budding artists. With a sound that is inspired by unrehearsed lyrics and instrumentals, this project displays the duo’s gift of gab. Trading stanza for stanza, this freestyle is set to be the banger of the summer. 

Coming out of a mainstream musical haven like L.A., West Coast artists are commonly boxed within two categories. First is the legendary gangsta rap roots of the past, and the second, the smooth-scammer sound of the future. To shatter the stereotype of today’s hip-hop scene, the pair are striving to create a unique sound inspired by their individualistic backgrounds.

“We’re not going based off of the L.A. sound,” Domo said.

 “We don’t have a gimmick.”


 “We’re both from there but, we’re not trying to sound like we’re banging. We want to do it differently,” Trey said.

“We don’t have to have a weird background and we’re not trying to claim to be something we’re not.”

The up-and-coming MCs have previously collaborated on various creative projects including, entertainment and fashion. Born and raised in Compton, CA, Domo Tune’s creativity flourished beyond the community’s expectations. Taking his talents from the paper and pen to the camera and mic, the entrepreneur-turned-rapper lives his life on shuffle. Trey Rich, on the other hand, lived in both Inglewood and View Park. While pursuing his education, he decided to try music after reconnecting with his high school passion.

Domo and Trey sat down with us to discuss their musical upbringing in Los Angeles, creating their new track, what’s next for the artists, and more.

Talk that Talk

How did you two meet?

Both: Church and high school!

How did you guy’s journey with music start?

T: We’ve always loved and had a passion for music. No cap, we always used to ditch class to go freestyle in the locker room. It got to the point where we started writing our stuff down and every day we would come up with something new. When I was in college and would come back home from break, we would all go out but then end up freestyling in the car. 

Were you guys continuing to rap throughout high school and college? If not, why was there a hiatus?

T: We’ve never put our music on a track, we were just doing it out loud, freestyling. When I went to college, all of my homies were making music, so I felt like that’s what pushed me to actually record because of who I was surrounded with. When I graduated, that’s when he and I decided to take it seriously. 


D: Yeah, we know we’re late with this but it doesn’t matter. If you’re talented, and you got something to say, people are going to want to hear that. 


T: We would voice memo record our freestyle in the car and listen back to them, and that’s what made us do this.

How did you both come up with your rap name?

D: When I was coming up with names for my clothing brand, I knew I wanted it to do with music. He suggested “Tune” and we just went with that after that day in class. It had a nice ring to it.


T: So the Third, is my actual brand. I’m the third generation, and it has a lot of meanings, like Jesus rising on the third day, the third angel’s message and a lot of other things. My stage name is Trey Rich though, which is just short for my actual name.

How would you describe your music style? If you were to compare it to another artist, who would it be?

D: I got that energy, a real and inspiring sound. I would compare my sound to Tune.


T: My style is more versatile, and he is always getting on me cause I would try something melodic. I can come with the bars and some melody. I wouldn’t know who I would compare myself with, but I’m inspired by Brown, Tory Lanez, YG and Kanye for sure.

What do you each individually bring to the group?

T: I’m the music in the music of this collab! I feel like I bring the heart and soul, while he’s more on the business side.


D: I bring the art and vision to it! Pretty much, I’m the creative mastermind.

With both of you being friends for so long, how is your creative process with working with one another?

D: Natural but also a little toxic! 


 T: Argumentative but collaborative! 

Who are some of your musical influences?

D: Cam’ron, Kanye, and Master P. I relate to Master P’s come-up story and admire his turn from rapper to mogul.


T: Chris Brown and Yeezy the most! Their art and versatility are different, so you have to respect them. Same with Drake and Tory, with the fact that they aren’t boxed into one genre of music. Naturally being from L.A., YG for sure, Dom Kennedy, and Nip. Right now, though, I mess with Kalan Fr Fr, Roddy, Bino, and Blxst. I definitely see what they’re doing and get inspired. And free Greedo!

Tell me more about this project. What is the story behind your song “Talk that Talk.?

D: If you listen closely to the song, you will hear that I am telling a story of a day in the life of Domo Tune, at least for my verses.


T: On me, the homie made the beat from scratch right then and there, and we just started vibing to it bar for bar. He went first, so I just fed off that energy and we did it like that.

What do you hope to accomplish this year?

T: This year, I want to establish myself as an artist and get my music out there. I feel like this single we’re dropping is effortless and embodies our friendship, but it isn’t the extent of either of our creative abilities. I feel like my music individually is different and I’m excited to get it out soon, this year for sure.


D: This year, I want to strengthen the Tune Records foundation. I want to add more talented musicians to our roster. I also want to grow our fan base and double our profits.

Can we expect another project from you this year?

T: Yeah, so this is just the kickoff single for the collab album. We got some heat coming for sure! We’re promoting two young authentic Black males coming together. People do collab albums all the time but, we aren’t doing this for business, or because we would sound good together, or for a look. We are genuine homies with talent that want to show it and inspire.


D: Exactly, and yes, you for sure are getting another project from us. We have a lot of dope sh** dropping this year, so everybody stays Tune

Stay tuned for more from Tune X Third and take a listen to the track below!