Don’t Sleep! Breakdown of 3 New Albums Last Week You Can’t Miss 5/21/21-5/28/21

Aiden Schwartz

Masego-Studying Abroad Extended

As if Masego fans were not satisfied with his 2020 EP– Masego released an extended cut of his study abroad project turning this into a cohesive 11 song LP. Study Abroad: Extended stay features five new tracks that display the range of Masego’s mastered styles.


 On Bliss Around featuring Sheléa, we hear Masego’s soft and smooth voice complimented with a pulsating slow jam beat that makes an excellent fit for any bedroom playlist. Cuts like Smith & Westin as well as Well-Traveled are hard-hitting bangers that maintain Masego’s somber melodic deliveries. Masego goes tropical on Yerba/Sema, where he pays homage to his performances in African countries that inspired the creation of this song.


Although Mystery Lady TrapHouseJazz remix comes last on the tracklist, it is most certainly the projected crowning achievement. On several accounts, Masego has referenced his friends labeling the style of music he creates during jams as “trap house jazz music.” This original style is what bread Masego’s 2018 jam session hit, Tadow with FKJ. Masego returns to this sound with sublime chord progressions just as moving as Tadow, all the while reprising the same lyrics on the earlier track “Mystery Lady.” If you decide to sleep on this project as a whole, just be sure to not miss this track.

Benny the butcher and 38 spesh- trust the sopranos

Benny the Butcher seems to be mass manufacturing bars, with the way he is able to create project after project so rapidly. With Benny’s consistency, also comes versatility. This is many thanks to his variety of producer collaboration projects, where Benny teams up with a specific producer to create a whole project. 


On Trust the Sopranos, Benny reunites with producer 38 Spesh who delivers a repertoire of banger beats. 38 Spesh’s beats are particularly special on this project as they incorporate influences from all eras of hip-hop. There are accents of 2000’s bling-era hip hop song structure and drum patterns. As well, 90’s golden era hip hop is an influence in how Spesh chops samples and uses boom-bap aesthetics. These beats are able to incorporate so much influence while also feeling like modern trap-style production.


What continues to separate his production from other producers Benny has worked with is the grandiosity and explosiveness. This is especially true on cuts like Immunity with glimmering melody leads and rapid firing 808’s, and Tokyo Drift with an abrasive sample lead that pulsates into the heavy kick drums. 


Benny and 38 Spesh’s chemistry on this project are remarkable. This is shown through Benny’s flows fitting into each of these beats like a glove. True rap skill is demonstrated throughout this project through benny and featured artists, showcasing rhyme schemes that span multiple syllables. On cuts like the price of fame, I found myself anticipating what Benny and the featured artists would come up with to rhyme one set of words with the previous. If you are looking for explosive beats, complimented with effortless rap skill then definitely do not sleep on this project. 

42 Dugg- Free dem boyz 

Detroit rapper, 42 Dugg, delivers a hard-hitting trap album, that adds to the lore that is the Detroit rap scene.


With flows and beats that rep Detroit rap’s signature sound, Dugg adds a unique flair to the music scene that many obsess over. Layers of Dugg’s stuffy and eccentric vocals surround the mix on this album, contributing to the explosive energy presented on each song. He continues to show his excessive originality as he replaces standard vocal adlibs with his signature whistle. More than anything, this album is extremely exciting.


Dugg keeps listeners captivated with hard-hitting vocal deliveries and beat selections. This is especially true on songs like 4 Da Gang with Roddy Rich, where the song starts with a sample of classic rock song No One Like You by scorpions, and only adds onto the energy of an already considerably hype song.


The Detroit rap scene continues to get bigger and become more impactful. If you still aren’t hip to rising Detroit artists like 42 Dugg, then this album is one that you definitely can not sleep on.