Females Rappers Are Here To Stay

Sarah Stukalin

Music genres are solidified in infamy. Rock and roll will forever move and shake us, alternative music will quietly hum in the background as we cry ourselves to sleep, and rap music will constantly be there to hype us up. As humans, we look to music for comfort. We identify with the artists, their message, and their often hard-hitting lyrics. However, as our world progresses, more artists are finding their ways into genres that originally did not accept them. Enter female rappers.

Female rappers have been killing the game for decades, but just recently have they been the center of multiple controversies and scandals, all surrounding what they can and can’t sing about. While male rappers objectify women and rap about their bodies, the media isn’t exactly letting female rappers take ownership of their own bodies.

Female rappers aren’t going anywhere, but if you’re new to their vibe and looking to get a start on listening to them, here are some fresh female rappers to add to your playlists.

Megan Thee Stallion

Self-proclaimed “H-town Hottie” Megan Thee Stallion has certainly made quite the splash into the rap industry. Gaining traction on Tik Tok, Meghan has gone onto win multiple Grammy’s, as well as producing numerous chart-topping singles and albums. Megan’s anthems of female empowerment and domination are the perfect tracks when you just need to feel like a complete and utter badass.

Flo Milli 

Complete with smart-alecky lyrics and clever and outrageous samples, Flo Milli has recently risen to the top of the rap game. Creating catchy and unforgettable songs complete with her signature catchphrase “Flo Milli sh*t!” Flo Milli has established herself as a contender in the music industry and is definitely a rising artist to watch out for in the years to come.

Doja Cat

With a similar rise to the top as Megan Thee Stallion through Tik Tok, Doja Cat has cemented herself into stardom. Whether she’s rapping about Tia and Tamera, cybersex, or her best friends, Doja Cat’s carefree attitude and unapologetic confidence signs through in her music.


Saweetie is the ultimate symbol of female empowerment and is definitely not afraid to put a man in his place. With a discography filled with danceable tracks and flirty lyrics, Saweetie is an up-and-coming rapper who is definitely not going anywhere.