Icewear Vezzo Artist Review

Sarah Stukalin

On October 31, rapper Icewear Vezzo signed with Motown Records, becoming the first Detroit native to sign with the label. Saying “It feels like I play for the Pistons. It’s the home team Motown Records,” Vezzo is certainly breaking into the mainstream music scene.

Vezzo had a rather unique start, playing his music in Detroit strip clubs for his sound to be heard. He says “In Detroit, the clubs we party at are all strip clubs. I would go to the strip club and throw money to my own music and pay the DJ to play my music. I did it so much to where my song became a regular song at that club… to where other people would start throwing money to my music when I wasn’t there.”

Vezzo’s music has an incredibly distinct Detroit basement sound, often described as Detroit trap. His lyrics are witty, clever, and reflective of his inspirations, such as Jay-Z. Vezzo says “There is so much talent here. The moment we come together, we’re going to be unstoppable. The whole world listens to Detroit, it’s so many artists from Detroit that’s lit right now.”

Vezzo’s music is the epitome of good rap with hard lyrics set to an even harder base. It’s the kind of music you can rap along to in the car, blast at the pregame, or dance to at the club. Vezzo’s love of rap and music shines through his craft, as he is definitely a force to be reckoned with not just in the Detroit music scene, but on a much larger scale.

Listen to Icewear Vezzo here!