Jazmine Sullivan’s Effortless Comeback

Madison Hunt

Jazmine Sullivan hasn’t gotten the praise that’s beyond well-deserved.


She is the greatest vocalist of our time, I said what I said. If you’ve ever been graced with hearing her live, you’ll be paralyzed by the range and power behind her voice. You don’t believe me, just watch this:

But what’s unfortunate is that she’s been around since 2008, why now is this her new moment. I guess timing is everything, but her comeback should’ve been a rejuvenation of her suppressed fans, not an entire layout as if she hasn’t challenged the industry with her power of stardom. Her runs alone could leave an audience in silence, left grasping their chest for air because she’s taken your breath away. 


Sullivan started her career back in 2008, releasing her debut album Fearless, featuring songs including Bust Your Windows, Need U BAD, and the iconic song In Love With Another Man. She was nominated for the 51st Grammy’s under five categories and her journey just gets better from there. 

She went on to release her two later studio albums, Love Me Back and Reality Show, which left her stature within the R&B music industry. Sullivan seemed to be on top of the world, but she took a five-year hiatus before releasing an entire project of music. We’ve heard singles released, from Insecure ft Bryson Tiller to Loved By You ft Mali Music but it wasn’t until this year we’ve seen her break out once again. 

I’m not complaining, she’s released two new singles Lost One and Pick Up Your Feelings during quarantine, where we all felt music was lost. But it has us thanking the music gods above that is now being restored with her voice once again. And on top of everything else she announced her newest body of work “Heaux Tales: Part One”, which is going to be released on January 8th of next year.  


Her effortless comeback is something we’ve all been eager to watch. And with her performance at the most recent Soul Train Awards, it’s like no time has passed. Sullivan’s debut stole the show as she drowned out the critics and gave the performance all of her “Day 1 fans” have been waiting for.