Keshi Releases Latest Single “besides you”

Stevenson Altidor

The multi-talented Keshi broke his four-month silence to start the year, gifting us a song that was worth the wait. He is centering the foundation for his debut album around his frustration for a love he can’t have.

“beside you” is as dreamy as the voice behind the lyrics. Keshi’s voice is airy as he sings to a lover whose heart belongs to someone else’s. His vocals subtly flutter with disgust for the reality but shine the boundary between them with optimism. A task that seems too daunting to pursue, but you can’t help whom you love. Some time love just isn’t never easy

While known for his vulnerability, he stepped out of his comfort zone to be more hopeful. His kindness, however, did not fade. It is the superpower that sets him apart. The ability to make a song sound tailor-made to the listener is noticeable. As if he is the voice in your head who croons out the thoughts. A playful guitar melody rings in your head throughout the song, and frustration starts once it ends.  Thankfully, we could put the track on repeat once it ends.

Recently, we were blessed with a live rendition of “besides you.” Showcasing another layer of warmth. Keshi shows off his delicate vocals with only a guitar and a microphone on hand. The modest atmosphere matches his voice. The playful guitar melody that rang in your head has now become gloomy.

With over 9 million streams since it’s release, “besides you” only builds upon the anticipation for Keshi’s forthcoming debut album. The Houston-born artist has dropped quality records for some time now. However, this single feels like a huge first step for him to become a mainstream star.

Check out Keshi’s last EP always below as we wait for the budding star’s next move.