Kid Hastings dispatches his forthcoming EP’s title track, “Off Guard”

Cameron DeFaria

Kid Hastings returns yet again with a dual single + video release, this time delivering the title track from his upcoming EP, “Off Guard”. The single spawns as a result of a near fatal car accident mixed with Hastings’ sentiments regarding an untimely breakup. After being struck by a vehicle doing 30 MPH in Downtown Los Angeles, Hastings became inspired to write a song about the unforeseen absurdities that life has to offer. In the eccentric music video, Hastings performs in a cow costume and fishes for a masked human in a dried out urban creek, quite literally catching viewers “Off Guard”.


Regarding the aforementioned events, Hastings explained,

[qode_simple_quote simple_quote_text=”“It had all felt like one big metaphor for getting caught off guard. It’s about taking things in stride though, hence the bounciness and final lyric, ‘keep moving on’“”]

The Ourros-signee’s newest single is now streaming everywhere. Keep up with his socials for more info about the upcoming EP, and stream the official music video below.

Featured image: Red Bloom Inc.