The Virgo: Music’s Perfectionist

Autumn Simon

Tighten up, folks! Virgo season is in full effect!

As the sun moves into the eighth astrological house, many late August and early September babies are celebrating their birthdays. This selective and practical group is known as the Virgo. On the surface, Virgos come off as cool, calm and collected. However, this earth sign is known for their perfectionist behavior. Though at times bothersome, this trait allows the Virgo to compose works of art that stand against the test of time. From Michael Jackson’s innovative musical masterpieces to Beyoncé Knowles’ thought-provoking….well, everything, everything the Virgo touches turns into creative gold.

In honor of our favorite loyal yet critical zodiac sign, we put together a list of groundbreaking Virgo artists who changed the music scene.

Michael Jackson

August 29

Beyoncé Knowles

September 4

Freddie Mercury

September 5

Bary Gibb

September 1

Amy Winehouse

September 14


September 14

Eazy E

September 7

Joan Jett

September 22


September 8 


September 11 

Foxy Brown

September 6 

Nile Rodgers

September 19