New Music: NtheClouds – “Whispers” ft. Erva Carter

NtheClouds released their latest track Whispers featuring Erva Carter. Reigning from Houston, Texas, Jay Kell and Boi Dru together are the duo that make NtheClouds. Although, their music is generally considered hip-hop, they claim to take a twist on hip-hop by self-proclaiming themselves to fall under the genre “FSP,” which stands for Funk, Soul, Pop. And that is exactly what you get when you listen to their music – Funk, Soul, and Pop. It’s awfully refreshing to hear music with such originality in lyricism, production, and delivery, but what can you expect when a group such as this are influenced among the likes of Quincy Jones, The Beatles, and Outkast? I definitely cannot wait to see what else these talented guys have up their sleeves.

Take a listen to their track and let me know your thoughts!

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