One Trak Mind: Just A Leo

Stevenson Altidor

I’ll be honest, I had an entirely different song ready to roll out and wax poetical to you all today. But Instagram had other plans for me. While I know, all my homies hate Mark Zuckerberg, he struck gold with my new favorite song, “More Than Gold” By Just A Leo.  Like I’m talking, it made me not play “Ratchet Happy Birthday” during my very own birthday.

Just A Leo is a band based in Melbourne, Australia, blending 90’s/00’s dance music, 80’s pop/rock, and alt-pop into one emotive style of their own. The first thing that grabs your attention is the lead singer, Kahli’s booming voice. Saturated with soul and dense songwriting, you hear someone who is sure of themselves and their worth. “I’ll always be in my prime,” rings with so much depth, with the jaunty guitar providing the podium for such inspiration.

“I am more than Gold/, and you will never know the reason why” is shouted with such defiance. Behind that sturdy voice is an acknowledgment of their flaws alongside an unshakable belief that carries them. Everything about the single captures that sentiment.

The drums are subtle, keeping the music together early on but taking more of the standout piece as the song evolves. The firm voice that brought you in gave away its vivid texture by the end. Calming background vocals, zany guitar melodies, dynamic drums, and spacious piano keys work incredibly well together. Even on my own big day, I felt more like I was worth more than gold myself.

The purpose of One Trak Mind is to introduce readers to new acts, new songs. Showing admiration to the unappreciated and the works of yesterday. Many creatives out there go unheard. But with just an Instagram live segment, this remarkable band would have entered my world. I can only look forward to what else Just A Leo has to offer.