“How to Feel Human” – Single Review

India McCarty

If you’ve ever looked back on your past and wished you could tell yourself what you know now (so, basically everyone ever in the world), then OSTON and JORDY’s latest collab, “How to Feel Human,” is for you!


“How to Feel Human” came out of a writing session between the two artists where they reflected on the intensity of pandemic-life and how much easier everything feels when you’re young.


“I wanna know // where did I go // missing my innocence when I had so much control,” they sing. “I wish I had // done this, said that // Oh, I wanna know // how to feel human when nowhere I go feels like home.”


In a press release about the song, JORDY shares, “….the song kind of spilled out of us organically. It’s a reflection of growing up, changing, and learning how to make this world feel like a home in moments of crisis and being a twenty-something. This song is a labor of love and a product of nostalgia, good friends, and honest conversation.”


OSTON adds, “I think what makes this song so special is the different life experiences present in each of our verses. JORDY and I each talk about how growing up you lose the true sense of “home” in our own ways. It’s a feeling we can all relate to as we become more independent and move from our comfort zones. The lyrics detail our very specific and intimate life experiences, juxtaposed with a hook that brings a feeling of unity and togetherness.” 


The duo previously teamed up for “Tomorrow,” which has been streamed almost 900,000 times.


The music video for the track will drop May 26. The duet will also feature on OSTON’s upcoming EP Am I Talking Too Much?, due this summer. 


Check out “How to Feel Human” here!