Stephen Babcock Interview and Artist Breakdown

Aiden Schwartz

Stephen Babcock is an indie-folk singer/songwriter hailing from Buffalo New York. His style is truly unique and innovative, while still appealing to a wide variety of indie-folk fans. Outside of creating and performing music, Babcock is a die-hard buffalo bills fan and a beer connoisseur. I joined Babcock to discuss his recent and upcoming singles, as well as an album and tour within the next few months. 


Babcock is able to utilize his well-rounded musicianship to aid him in his primary objective of songwriting. His process usually begins with his guitar, finding a melody, progression, and rhythm. From there, songwriting comes naturally. Babcock has learned to let songwriting occur in a way that feels natural. This is much different than trying to always control the direction he takes a song in. With this, Babcock has formulated a wide array of sounds in his songs that are always reflective of his feelings when songwriting. For example, in songs like “Bukowski” Stephen reflects on experiences with significant others, tying it all into a call back to a particular someone in his past who also reads books by his favorite author, Charles Bukowski.


Starting his musical training as a drummer has made rhythm an important part of Babcock’s song structure. When conducting melodies on the guitar, Babcock experiments with different rhythms, tempos, and even time signatures. This has yielded some boundary-pushing song releases like “Willow Tree” in ¾ as well as “Seersucker Dress” in 6/8. These are unusual time signatures for songs that have as many pop elements as these songs do.


Nonetheless, Babcock refuses to be bound by one style of sound or song structure. Having songs range from uplifting love song anthems like “Notting Hill”, to introspective somber stripped-back songs like “The Guy That Says Goodbye Is Out of His Mind,” Babcock is nothing shy of versatile. His work with producer William Hinsen from North Carolina has helped give Babcock’s sound a pop edge and depths of layers. This is a touch that ties Stephen’s indie, folk, and americano sounds together.


On June 25th, Babcock releases his new single “Easy To.” Babcock has been consistent with single releases as he rolls out the tracklist for his upcoming album dropping in September 2021. However, the release of “Easy To” has Babcock especially excited as there are many ideas presented in this song that his fans have yet to see. For starters, this is Babcock’s first release with a featured artist. “Easy To” features indie female vocalist singer/songwriter Molly Parden, who gives this song a layer that, according to Babcock, elevates the song to a new level. Babcock is also very excited to introduce more Americano sounds in his music as he explains “Easy To” showcases. 


Beyond this release, what Stephen Babcock plans in the coming months has his fans, as well as himself, eager. Babcock explains he is at the tail end of song releases before his album release in September. Following this, Babcock as an artist loyal to his fans is eager to interact with fans on his tour after the album release. Until then, Babcock will be releasing songs and putting on virtual performances on his social media. Be sure to follow Stephen Babcock’s musical journey. 

Stephen Babcock | Traklife Interview by Aiden Schwartz