Triller and SoundCloud Sign off on New Artist Promotion Collab

Arie Likhtman

Everyone knows the big guns in the music industry. When it comes to streaming platforms, it seems like Spotify and Apple Music are just about the only choices. When it comes to social media and music discovery, no platform can even come close to TikTok.

But just beneath the surface, just slightly outside the mainstream, exist a few massive players in the music media industry. Two of these dark horse platforms are SoundCloud, the music streaming platforms beloved by indie music artists and fans alike, and Triller, the cousin platform of TikTok known for its long-form video content. These two media hipsters have just made another big splash by announcing a cross-platform collaboration centered around the promotion of emerging artists.



The collaboration involves the creation of SoundCloud curated playlists that will feature on the Triller App homepage. This cooperative effort launched this week and follows other moves by SoundCloud to feature their playlists on platforms such as SiriusXM radio and Dash Radio.


The goal of this project is simple. According to SoundCloud, providing this access to Triller’s platform will “uniquely showcase and support emerging independent artists”.  SoundCloud will be in charge of playlist curation and monthly updates, with Triller promoting and featuring the playlists on their homepage.


Additionally, all the tracks on these playlists will be available for use by Triller creators. This collaboration also caries a great deal of weight for the artists themselves, as now a creator can link their Triller and SoundCloud profiles, which could mean big money when combined with SoundCloud’s recent switch to fan-powered royalties; more on this later.

In a statement to the press, Triller CEO Mahi De Silva said about the collaboration that:


“With a shared goal of showcasing established and emerging talent, this partnership puts artists first–just like Triller does. “In front of a global audience, emerging artists will now have the opportunity to develop a Triller fan base that is empowered to create, share and connect.”


Mahi De Silva: CEO of Triller

In response to this, Allison Moore, SoundCloud’s Head of Artist Marketing and Creator Services, added:


“The new SoundCloud playlist on Triller offers one more way we are creating unique, new channels to elevate and promote the rising artists who are building their careers independently today. “We’re very excited to be working with Triller to connect these artists with a new audience — helping them to get discovered, build their profiles, and grow their careers both on and beyond SoundCloud.”


Allison Moore, Head of Artist Marketing, Creator Services, Repost, SoundCloud

What Does This Mean for the Industry?

1) SoundCloud Making Moves

SoundCloud has always been the underdog of the music streaming world, but they continue to innovate when it comes to indie artists. They shocked the industry earlier this year with the announcement of a user-centric artist payment model that assigns revenue based on an artist’s total listeners rather than total streams. This move meant big things for emerging artists who have dedicated fanbases but may not have vast numbers of total streams.


This collaboration with Triller means that indie artists who rely on SoundCloud revenue will gain even more listeners through Triller. SoundCloud continues to rise, and they aren’t going away any time soon.


Watch Out TikTok… Maybe?

Triller has also been on the rise, with their parent company acquiring many more resources in recent years. They also made unfortunate headlines earlier this year with a scandal involving the payment of artists that resulted in Universal Music ending all business with the platform. But by hitching themselves to SoundCloud, they are continuing their upward trajectory in the industry. While TikTok will in all likelihood retain its chokehold over music video content, this move may be enough to make TikTok executives sweat, and certainly force the platform to innovate along with the rest of the biggest players in music.


Support. Emerging. Artists.

Business dealings aside, if there are any winners here, it is the hundreds of indie artists that have just gained a great deal of new exposure. Forget the companies and the deals: the real heroes will always be the artists who work tirelessly to create high-quality music and express their voices. I look forward to any future efforts to support the work of creators who deserve all the support in the world, from the companies, and from us the listeners.