“Silk Chiffon” – Single Review

India McCarty

Indie queen Phoebe Bridgers has teamed up with alt-pop group MUNA for the summery, shimmering “Silk Chiffon.” 


The sing-song chorus “Life’s so fun, life’s so fun // got my miniskirt and my rollerblades on” is instantly infectious. It’s even spawned a TikTok trend which, these days, is the highest honor you can bestow on a song. 


It also contains a line that went viral: “I’m high and I’m feeling anxious // inside of the CVS.” Listeners everywhere related to that line, and took to social media to joke about it. 

The song feels like a coming-of-age movie, and that theme is continued in the song’s music video – an homage to the cult classic But I’m A Cheerleader

According to producer and guitarist Naomi McPherson, it’s “a song for kids to have their first gay kiss to.”


The track was released on The Saddest Factory record label, the label Bridgers formed last year. 


This isn’t MUNA and Bridgers’ only team-up; they’re currently touring together – and performing their new hit at every show. 


Check out “Silk Chiffon” here!