Brother J the Grand Verbalizer (@BroJXClan)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) discussed the colors of Red Black and Green with Brother J (@BroJXClan) of X Clan/Black Watch. We heeded the words of the brother as he spoke on: the history of Black Watch, the December 12th movement, connecting with fans worldwide, the importance of videos as a breakout tool, thoughts on his mentor Sonny Carson, the vital role of Professor X, leaving right in the middle of video shoots to aid people in the community, policing ourselves, being inspired by Afrika Bambaataa, what being an ambassador of hip hop entails, the Cultural United Movement with Damien Marley, Eminem wearing African medallions, getting black balled in the industry, joining Public Enemy as a pioneer, educating youth instead of making fan clubs, and artists not being original. Give your ears some edutainment. Then log on to: for what’s to come in the future. Tweet: (@thermalsoundwav).