INSTANT VINTAGE RADIO 010 | A Special Additions + Broadcast.

INSTANT VINTAGE RADIO 010 | We are now in double digits! Cheers!

In this chapter of Instant Vintage Radio, I share with you my favorite selections at the moment from Jhené, Frank, Syd Tha Kyd, brandon*, & other soul crushing favorites, & at about the 1/2 hour mark, I share my ‘DEAR DIARY,’ tribute mix to #TheSoulDiaries. & that’s Mara Hruby on the cover art. Thank you for listening!

INSTANT VINTAGE RADIO explores the timeless soul sounds, future-forward melodies, and marriage of new-school with classic-school flavor, across all genres that inspire the mind while moving the soul.

INSTANT VINTAGE RADIO airs EVERY FRIDAY @ 1PM PST/4PM EST/8PM GMT/SATURDAY 5AM PT on @TraklifeRadio. Listen on or download the mobile app for iOS/Android!