INSTANT VINTAGE RADIO 058 | ARUMI MIX | A Special Additions + Broadcast.

On this edition, chapter 058 of Instant Vintage Radio, is Global Thotties co-founder & music producer Jodie Arumi // ARUMI (@aarumi)!

ARUMI has been spinning for about 2 1/2 years. She doesn’t have a singular, favorite DJ, but currently, she has been super inspired as of late by Peggy Gou, a Berlin DJ with numerous house EPs & track of the year nominations for 2018 that has spun for Residential Advisor, Boiler Room, Defective Records, and is about to have her own residency on BBC Radio 1 very soon!

Since starting Global Thotties–a movement for making the music scene more Womxn & community empowerment oriented–she and Jasmine /aka lil Waifu – have gotten so much positive feedback from other womxn and just people who mess with their sounds in general. They initially started Global Thotties because they wanted to hear a more global sound that we don’t normally get to hear in the bay.

A Global Thottie to Arumi is anyone who LOVES global music, loves to dance, and someone who feels l…