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@K2rah’s Dj’d for about four years. It’s something she’s always wanted to learn to do for years, but never had the patience to master it. She’s always made mixtapes and mix CDs for fun, so DJing was another way to geek out finding new music that gets her excited, and share it with people. Earlier this week, K2rah played at the launch party for Foundation FM; a new female-led radio station in south east London. The vibe in there was great and everybody seemed to really enjoy themselves. To check out their sounds, hit up their station at!

@K2rah just debuted her new show on November 5th on Foundation FM. Every other Monday at 7PM GMT and it’ll be all about sharing the best of what I find online, the new talent she discovers at live shows and the producers and artists that she thinks are worth shouting about on the radio.

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