performer Ali Caldwell on the Voice, writing, food and beyond (@iamAliCaldwell)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) got a visit from incredible artist Ali Caldwell (@iamAliCaldwell) at the “From the Feet up” exhibit in New York city.  Ali discussed coming up in New Jersey, her mom disapproving of her secular music career, the Cover Art tour, what life was like on the road in Prague and Fiji, the purpose of joining “the Voice” and “The Four” shows,  the overwhelming response received from those shows from fans and judges, touring with Christina Aguilera, what she learned from Miley Cyrus, making her own color brand for hair, talking to youth, the specialties she loves to cook, being the world’s most scariest food critic, the Ali Caldwell movie, the autobiographical album she’s working on, importance of artists reinventing themselves, the shock of people in foreign countries knowing her words/style/music but not the language, being the only Black Girl in Moscow and so much more.

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