The Kickback Show EPISODE 126 – Featuring LAPD Officer Anthony, Bad Lucc, Mike Merchant & Eazee

Episode 126:: One of our most important episodes ever!! After the recent shootings involving police and men of color all across this country, we felt a need to bring in some very intelligent people to share information, talk about procedures and some possible solutions that might help people better understand what’s currently happening and what needs to change to stop this disgusting, growing trend. We invited retired LAPD gang unit officer Anthony, our brotha Bad Lucc, Mike Merchant and “Mr. Los Angeles” himself, Eazee, came through for a great round table discussion. #KickbackUniversity

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Aired:: 07/18/2016

Special Guest:: retired LAPD Officer Anthony, Bad Lucc, Mike Merchant & Eazee

Hosts:: Faahz and Tiana Jovana

Tunes:: deejay SWIVLL