Thermal Soundwaves – L.A. Episode 71716 – Feat Paul Stewart, John O, LTMFTv – Full Show

Thermal Soundwaves is your Natural Alternative to Fast Food Radio and all media. The best in new music, honest opinions, jaw dropping interviews, and comedic variety. On this episode we talk to music business veteran Paul Stewart about his early beginnings in the business, latest video shoot with Snoop Dogg, his publishing company, and more behind the scenes gems. Also we have John Ollie of the Gecko Brothers speaking on his latest acting roles, the Las Vegas residency, and new music. In addition we speak to Owen Swaby of LTMFTV on running an independent media and fashion company. Plus we have the latest music and tunes that we consider the hits of the future. For more info on the show and how to catch it live visit:

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