After Hours Interview | Depression Rap, Brotherhood, Asian Rappers & More!

After Hours is a Los Angeles-based hip hop trio that specializes in depression rap over trap sounds. The group consists of two rappers, Lio and Yoso, and one producer, Pablo. Our conversation led to a backstory of each individual and how they came together. Each has a different personality and repertoire to bring to the table, which make for an efficient and productive way to push one another to their limits. We talk about brotherhood and the state of Asians in entertainment. After Hours is most known for their record “Replay” and “Morning Backwoods” which features LATE LEE. Enjoy the interview! After Hours Interview on The Lunch Table w/ Nico Blitz Follow/Listen to After Hours: ▶️ Spotify | ▶️ YouTube | ▶️ Instagram | Follow The Lunch Table: ▶️ Subscribe | ▶️ Instagram | ▶️ Twitter | ▶️ Apple Podcasts | ▶️ Website | #TheLunchTable #AfterHours #AsianRappers
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