XV talks The Kid with the Green Backpack, Astrology, New Album + Book & More!

XV Interview on The Lunch Table (Time Stamps Below) XV aka Vizzy is back, and it’s awesome. The Kansas-born Squarian leader made his way to Los Angeles to talk about his unreleased debut album, ‘The Kid With the Green Backpack’, and how astrology helped him during his 4-year absence in hip hop. Oh, and he’s got a new album and a book coming very soon. 2:00 Day One Fan 4:08 Phay 5:40 Living in Wichita 9:07 Hip Hop is 39 Years Old 12:00 SoundCloud rappers 14:00 Chief Keef 18:30 Making Change, But Not Making Money 20:00 Why ‘The Kid With the Green Backpack’ Never Dropped 23:00 Singing For Your Supper 25:30 Putting Things Out in the Universe 28:00 Astrology — Different Strokes, Different Folks 36:15 XV is Writing A Book 45:00 Stars Align 52:00 We’re All Getting Fed 54:00 New Music 58:00 Performing in Front of Smaller Crowds 1:04:00 Game Changer; Planting Seeds in Kids’ Minds ▶️ Subscribe | http://bit.ly/TLTSubcr ▶️ Instagram | http://instagram.com/thelunchtable ▶️ Twitter | http://twitter.com/thelunchtable ▶️ Apple Podcasts | https://apple.co/2v48xrb ▶️ Website | http://thelunchtabletalks.com #TheLunchTable #XV #XToTheV
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