California based hip hop artist SNT JMS brings his rhythm and flow to the Traklife studio on this episode of RAW STREAM. Performing with personality, melodic flows, and zesty beats, SNT JMS has no trouble keeping his audience engaged. Check out his recently released EP ‘Hype’ available on all streaming platforms! Brought to you by Traklife, Incubation Box Studio, and The Kick Back Show. Connect with SNT JMS ➤ Spotify:… ➤ Instagram:… ———- Check out more episodes of RAW STREAM ▶ ➤ Instagram: ———- Shot & Directed by: Uprise Imaging ▶ Presented by: Traklife Music Network ▶ ———- Connect with Traklife ➤ Website: ➤ Spotify: ➤ Instagram: ➤ YouTube: ➤ Discord: ———- Connect with our partners For mixing, mastering, music videos, and graphics ▶ ➤ Instagram: For interviews and exclusive music every Monday @ 8pm PST ▶ ➤ Instagram: ———- Resources for music artists, check out Traklife EMERGE ▶ ———- ABOUT TRAKLIFE ➤ Traklife Music Network is a platform for music discovery carefully curated by our team of multi-faceted creatives, bringing you suggestions of what interests us on multiple mediums and formats such as audio, video, editorials, and more. THE MUSIC [SCENE/SEEN] THROUGH US.
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