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Young Bugatti: Baron Davis’ Artist on LA Unified Brand | The Lunch Table

Young Bugatti was homeless at one point, but Baron Davis saw a light in this man’s music and decided to shelter him in a studio for a year and a half. Eventually, Bugatti became the a signee to the NBA legend’s LA Unified Music Label. The Lunch Table x Traklife Radio Collaboration SUBSCRIBE TO OUR […]

Rosemarie talks Performing with Aventura, Living in 3 Homes, 90s R&B + More

Rosemarie’s story is as complex as the tattoos on her body. Going back and forth between a number of homes, she found herself through 90s R&B and performing in front of crowds, including alongside acts like Aventura. ▶️ Subscribe | ▶️ Instagram | ▶️ Twitter | ▶️ Apple Podcasts | ▶️ […]

Noa James (Inland Empire Legend) talks Anime & Hip Hop, ‘Granny Said’ + More

Noa James is one of the leading voices in hip hop for the Inland Empire. A legend to many from the Greater Los Angeles Area, he uses his influence to speak on optimism and self-growth, especially on his latest album ‘Granny Said’. ▶️ Subscribe | ▶️ Instagram | ▶️ Twitter | ▶️ […]
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